Penetration Testing Services

- Safely test your defenses through attack simulations.
- Discover critical exposure from a hacker’s perspective.
- Reach an optimal security posture.
Our advanced testing methodology and experience will help to minimize your exposure while delivering top business value.

Mitigate Your Real World Risk Today.

Penetration Testing Services

Expert Penetration Testing Services from CyberSequr

Uncover critical risks to your organizational assets, IT infrastructure, and custom applications with CyberSequr penetration testing services. Our team of experts will safely execute real world attack simulations to push your systems to the limit and identify vulnerabilities that may compromise the integrity of your business.

CyberSequr Penetration Testing Services:

Learn about your current risk exposure through an attack simulation and let our team provide you with the needed remediation guidance to harden your security posture.

What We Do
– Internal and external network penetration tests
– Web and mobile application penetration tests
– Social engineering security testing
– Phishing simulation exercises
– Wireless penetration tests

Our security assessment services evaluate the overall security posture of your organization’s systems. We provide you with a security road map that aligns with your business goals and covers all potential risks and threats that could negatively impact your organization’s health.

Using our vulnerability assessment as our road map, our team of experts will implement the necessary security controls to reach the optimal security posture for your business needs. Our priority is to align your security posture 100% to your organizational goals and know that you are adequately protected from unwanted threats.

Our security experts will perform real world attack simulations to push your defenses to the limit and identify your risk from an attacker’s perspective. Let us help you mitigate risk, and protect your critical assets and IT infrastructure. Identify vulnerabilities before attackers, harden your security posture and boost your organization’s ROI.

The “human factor” is the weakest link. We provide the necessary training and social engineering exercises to minimize threats through this channel. Cybersecurity training within your organization is critical towards implementing an effective security program, and should be part of the corporate culture.

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