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Cyber Security Program Design, Implementation and Management

CyberSequr provides holistic cyber security implementation services centered around the context of your business.

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Cyber Security Program Design, Implementation and Management
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Ensure your critical data, assets and network, are secured adequately

Because every business is unique and fluid, CyberSequr builds and implements cyber security programs that ensure our clients are protected now, and in the future. An effective security posture must be agile, scalable and keep up with the latest cyber threats and attackers. We create a holistic cyber security program that allows our clients to protect their critical assets, be compliant, and reach their business goals.

Using our initial risk and vulnerability assessments as a foundation, we implement the required security controls needed to reach an optimal security posture.

Network Security

Physical Security

  • Our team of experts ensures physical security is fully integrated with your overarching cybersecurity posture
  • We define tailored best practices for building access control, restricted areas to computer facilities, computer locations, and more specialized solutions involving fire suppression systems, facility construction, and more.

Social Engineering

  • CyberseQur protects your “human network” through a holistic and fully integrated social engineering plan
  • We protect your network, and ensure your people know how to remain safe when connected
  • We will design and run a social engineering risk assessment
  • We provide custom social engineering penetration testing services
  • Phishing as a Service: We develop simulated real world scenarios to determine your organization’s susceptibility to a phishing attack; which in many cases, represents the top threat to a breach. We work with your organization to minimize click-through rates to potentially malicious communications saving your organization from potential disaster

Identity Management

  • CyberseQur identity management services help your organization protect your critical data and systems through a comprehensive, logic-driven access control plan
  • Maximize security policy implementation
  • Prevent the potential for internal threats

Data Security

  • Our data security services provide a full review and risk assessment to provide the required controls to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your organization’s data
  • Data loss prevention and encryption
  • Critical data protection plan to ensure your most valuable assets have the necessary security controls in place to minimize the risk of a breach


  • CyberseQur’s team of experts will define the best solution for your SIEM needs focusing around your ultimate business goals.
  • We will build a solution that minimizes false alerts, optimizes the prioritization of critical ones to catch advanced attacks as early as possible
  • Create a robust analysis and reporting system and incident-response capabilities to maximize response time and minimize business impact

Cyber Security Industry Compliance

  • CyberseQur’s team of managed security service professionals allows us to enable organizations with the optimal security solution to meet cybersecurity industry regulations that may impact your business.
  • We cover HIPAA, PCI, OCIE, GLBA/FFIEC, ISO 27001, FISMA compliance


Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, we will develop and manage a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Key Benefits of CyberSequr Managed Security Services

> Holistic and agile monitoring and incident response for small, medium and large organizations
> Early detection of security incidents. Lightning fast alerts and rapid response to threats
> Identification of threats from false positives in real time
> Subject matter experts in forensics consulting
> Access to proven best practices
> Scalable and fluid solutions to support business objectives

Our security assessment services evaluate the overall security posture of your organization’s systems. We provide you with a security road map that aligns with your business goals and covers all potential risks and threats that could negatively impact your organization’s health.

Using our vulnerability assessment as our road map, our team of experts will implement the necessary security controls to reach the optimal security posture for your business needs. Our priority is to align your security posture 100% to your organizational goals and know that you are adequately protected from unwanted threats.

Our security experts will perform real world attack simulations to push your defenses to the limit and identify your risk from an attacker’s perspective. Let us help you mitigate risk, and protect your critical assets and IT infrastructure. Identify vulnerabilities before attackers, harden your security posture and boost your organization’s ROI.

The “human factor” is the weakest link. We provide the necessary training and social engineering exercises to minimize threats through this channel. Cybersecurity training within your organization is critical towards implementing an effective security program, and should be part of the corporate culture.

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